"Since 2001 im specialized in Portraits and Documentary Projects.
I try to shoot emotional pictures and my aim is to capture the small moments in life, the situations and the little storys around us."

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"World Picture Network", New York
"Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo", Munich



03/04 - Group Exhibition "People in Europe", Wien
10/04 - Solo Exhibition during the "Long Night of the Mueseums", Munich, Koenigsplatz
10/05-12/05 - Group Exhibition "Believe", Galerie Brell, Cologne
07/06-10/06 - Solo Exhibition - "Field of Mercy", KL Westend, Munich
12/07, 12/08, 12/09, 12/10 - Group Exhibition "Kafe Kunst Fest", Kafe Kult, Munich
10/11 - Special Exhibition "Stroke.Photo" during the 2nd international "Stroke Artfair", Berlin


Portfoliofeature in a book about artistic photography: "Künstlerische Fotografie heute", Ars Momentum, 2007
Various german newspapers (Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau, Badische Zeitung, Juedische Allgemeine, etc.)
Various online mags and blogs(
filtered magazine, oureyes.com, homines.com, f-stop magazine, monthly task, sonntagskunst, ball-saal.com, 4raum, psychophysik.com, etc.)